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Burger Brothers' Benneton Burger


£8.50 This is no ordinary five-star burger. It's the winner of Hellmann's 2016 competition to find Britain's Best Burger in 2016. Bravo!

Since starting my own burger business in 2014, I've basically had bugger all time to continue reviewing / writing about the burgers I've been continuing to hoover up on a regular basis. But, seeing as I recently got to eat and evaluate a bunch of awesome burgers as a judge in Hellmann's Britain's Best Burger competition, I wanted to "say a few words" about the winner - the Benneton Burger from Brighton's Burger Brothers...

The Burger Brothers are two mates, Nadz and Pip, who grew up in Brighton and spent a few years cooking up jerk chicken at Brighton's Pride Festival every year from 2008 to 2012. But in 2012 they decided to serve up some burgers and they went down a storm. The idea for Burger Brothers took hold almost immediately and the same year Nadz and Pip secured the lease for a tiny premises on the edge of Brighton's North Laines and proceeded to convert it themselves into the classic takeaway joint it is now with a small room with enough wall ledge space for maybe eight people to chow down at a time, and a counter behind which the kitchen is situated and where the burger magic occurs.

The Benneton Burger itself is unconventional to say the least. Besides a juicy beef patty it comes with Tuxford & Tebbut Blue Stilton, Portobello mushroom, super thinly sliced chorizo (which can be swapped out for prosciutto, Serrano ham or halloumi), wasabi mayo, caramelised onions and balsamic vinegar glaze. All these ingredients are housed in a cloche-steamed seeded bun which is baked specially for them by a local bakery to a Jewish cholla bread recipe that the Burger Brothers have tweaked a little for extra flavour. Basically, there's a hell of a lot going on but all of it is perfectly judged so that every bite packs just the right amount of everything to deliver a joyous eating experience and a unique, rich flavour profile to boot.

In many ways the Benneton Burger epitomises the Burger Brothers' approach. Their business is borne out of a palpable passion for quality ingredients and a desire to bring them together in the tastiest burgers they can conjure up - no matter how unconventional those burgers might appear to the purist. They don't follow tired formulas or design burgers for Instagram. They're just very nice guys following their passion and it's clearly working for them.

If you need proof beyond their delicious food (which really does a very good job of speaking for itself), the Burger Brothers' TripAdvisor reputation alone should tell you their doing something right - almost 1000 reviews at the time of writing - and not a bad word among them - they get a full five stars. Which is precisely what I'm giving them, and why they're the worthy winners of Hellmann's Britain's Best Burger competition which I (and my stomach) was very happy to be involved with as a judge.

Next time you're in Brighton - you know where to get lunch!


Burger Brothers
97 North Road
Brighton BN1 1YE

Tel: 01273 706980

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