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Comptoir Gascon Duck Burger Deluxe


£14. All burgers are indulgent, but is there another in London more so than Comptoir Gascon's Duck (and foie gras) Burger Deluxe?
Oh dear, there's a very real danger that I overuse the word "indulgent" in this particular post. Please, er, indulge me...

Comptoir Gascon is a delightfully small French bistro on Charterhouse Street right opposite Smithfield meat market – and there are two burgers on its menu that all self-respecting burger lovers should seek out, both of them of the lesser-spotted duck variety.

Choose either the Classic for £8, or take my advice and plump for the Deluxe offering at £14. What's the difference? An enormous slab of perfectly cooked, super-fresh foie gras:

Ooh mama, check it out! The patty in both burgers are exactly the same and are formed out of a 50/50 combination of confit and raw duck meat which are pan fried. Each duck patty is served in a house-baked, super light bun with salad leaves and a wonderful chutney that's both fruity and vinegary with hints of Worcestershire sauce and lemon zest.

The Classic is great but the Deluxe (cut through above) is simply out-of-this-world awesome – with the foie gras acting as a kind of outrageously indulgent (sorry), unctuous lubricant for the whole thing that sent me straight to a duck heaven that I never knew existed. Un-*ucking-believeable.

But that's not all, folks. While you're at Comptoir Gascon, you can't really NOT order one of these:

It's on the starter menu and listed as Foie Gras & Truffle Burger "signature". It's a small slab of the same perfectly cooked foie gras sat on a bed of shredded lettuce and a cream cheese and truffle sauce, served in a little home-baked bun. 

It shares really well between two, providing a few mouthfuls of reverie-inducing comfort food wizardry. Needless to say, it won't be long until I'm back again at Comptoir Gascon for another round of burgers and a glass or two of wine. Oh, and some more duck fat fries with "crazy salt" too. Ils sont bons!


Comptoir Gascon
63 Charterhouse Street

Tel: 020 7608 0851

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