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Corrner Bistro Cheese Burger (NYC)

Colonel Mustard

$6 for a solid meal sure to fix your late night burger craving. Pair it with a plate of fries for a mere $2.25 extra... Sold!

A simple burger, well known around NYC for its surprisingly great flavor at a low price point, the Corner Bistro Cheese Burger did not fail to deliver on my last visit. However, the bar's legendary burger also didn't completely live up to the often alcohol-fueled occasions either, where I have been known to neck two in a row with the belief it's the best burger in town, a real West Village late night saviour...

You always forget how low budget the Corner Bistro burger is served, a pleasant surprise every time. Iceberg lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, burger and sesame seed bun all spread out on a paper plate, not unlike the way burgers were served up at London's temporary burger mecca #Meateasy, earlier this year. When your burger arrives, you can't help but know what you're really after—a great advantage at 2am. On this sober time around I finally took real note, and the family BBQ form just made me appreciate the burger all the more.

So to get down to the beefy business, the patty is good. It's not amazing, it's nothing fancy with soup-ed up seasonings or the like, but it gets the job done and tastes good enough to make you take a cab across town to indulge in it. And rest assured it's a far, far cry from Taco Bell, where you know it's just gnarly ground beef but you eat it anyway when you're a bit out of sorts because the artificial flavors are too hard to resist. No sirree, the meat at Corner Bistro is seemingly U.S. Select. They just aren't going to take note of your picky requests for this or that, it's simply cheese or no cheese in this joint (you can get bacon too for an additional 75 cents), but that's just the way it is at this NYC institution.

Whether it's a late night feast or for a late lunch, the Corner Bistro burger is pretty darned tasty. Washed down with a cheap mug of Bud and a plate of fries in the company of some damn funny friends and you've got yourself an excellent night out.


Corner Bistro
331 West 4th Street
New York, NY 10014

+1 212 242 9502