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PREVIEW: Fred Smith's Flat Iron specials


£10. This week and next Flat Iron is serving up burgers conceived and cooked by chef Fred Smith using beer-fed Dexter beef...

Having bought a beer-fed Dexter cow (which drank six pints daily for the last three months of its life), Fred Smith (who left the Ad Cod last summer) is cooking up a couple of very special burgers as specials at steak joint Flat Iron on Beak Street…

The burgers themselves have been made from a fatty blend of various cuts selected and coarsely ground by Fred who then deep fries them them at almost 200º in beef fat. It sounds wrong in a don't-tell-my-GP kinda way, but it's actually the kind of stroke of burger genius I've come to expect from Fred. The process means the burgers get an amazing dark and crispy crust on the outside but remain a wonderfully tender medium rare inside. 

To house it, Fred's got burger buns from St JOHN bakery and has come up with two different burgers, the first of which, the Béarnaise Burger, will be up on Flat Iron's special board TODAY. 

The Béarnaise Burger (shown above) is so named because it's served simply with a perfect béarnaise sauce so best to showcase Fred's intriguing cooking method and allow the wonderful flavour of the beer-fed beef (and its crispy crust) to shine.

Next week a second special will be up on the menu. Fred's yet to give it a name, but it will be served with a chunky burger sauce, shredded iceberg lettuce and what the chef describes as "a parmesan sauce / goo". It's absolutely wonderful and is the burger pictured top of this post - yes that's right, I got to taste both burgers over the weekend in order to post this :D

Fred's only got about 100 of each of these specials to serve, this week and next - and once they've gone, you simply won't be able to get one. So get on down to Flat Iron TODAY to check out the Béarnaise Burger and next week to check out the other one!


Flat Iron
17 Beak Street

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