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Jo'Burger Beef Dube Burger with emmental (IRL)


€14 for the burger plus another €3.95 for fries but you get what you pay for: A LOT! Look at the size of this thing! Highly recommended

I was over in Dublin for a family wedding the other week and took the opportunity to hook up with two Dublin-based artists who contributed to The Burgermat Show. BrenB suggested we walk from the town centre south to Rathmines to check out Jo'Burger as the place is an independent, burger-centric joint with a great vibe. Sounds good, I said. Let's do the Jo'Burger thing!

Jo'Burger is indeed a pretty chilled out spot and Rathmines, although only a 20 minute walk from St Stephen's Green, seems far from the madding crowd. Long wooden tables and benches make for a sociable vibe and I was delighted to be able to drink a burger (Bitburger) whilst perusing the extensive food menu, inserted into one of a selection of old comic annuals:

OK, the menu. The idea is that you choose what kind of burger patty you want - you can choose from Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Fish, and a couple of veggie options. Then you choose a style for your burger - ie what you want it served with besides a bun. There are 20 styles to choose from, ranging from Pure (simply the burger in a bun with a slice of tomato and Jo'Burger relish) through to Moletsane which comprises Peanut Chilli Sauce and Coriander. Bet that's good with the char-grilled chicken option.

No prizes for guessing which patty I plumped for: it was always going to be the 200g 100% Charolais 28 day dry aged Irish beef patty! Style-wise, I opted for the Dube: three slices of bacon and Jo'Burger relish. €12.50 plus €1.50 to have a slice of emmental cheese added too. Bush Fries (really great chips) were €3.95 but, I can report that they arrived piled high in a silver bucket and were excellent. We bought a trio of dips too for said chips, of which the Hot Curry one was my personal favourite.

As you can see, my beef dube burger was absolutely enormous - it stood a good six inches tall. I removed some of the frilly lettuce to a kind of perfectly essential, not-so-frilly-round-the-edges arrangement and picked the thing up to see if I could squash it down. Almost amazingly I could, despite getting the feeling that the bun was way too big and bready. Please forgive the out of focus bite through shot below - but it shows that the bun actually squashes down to be really thin – meaning it IS possible to eat this beast as a burger should be eaten. Just!

This blurry shot also shows the bun is about an inch wider than it needs to be. Too much bread basically is the verdict, and a bun rethink wouldn't go amiss. Sadly the guys at Jo'Burger claim to be tied to health and safety laws which mean they have to cook the beef patty all the way through so no medium rare for me. Sad face. But, having given me the spiel, they didn't burn it or overcook so I wasn't too grumpy. The good news is that it was a course ground, largely unadulterated beef burger (that might have had a small amount of finely chopped onion in it) with a very straightforward, beefy flavour and texture.

Members of my happy burger group also had the lamb burger and also a veggie burger. A fair bit of bread got left – the burger baps are more like loaves than buns – but everything else disappeared with smiles all round. I should also mention the in-house pickled gherkin which came in a little ramekin. I kinda got to my camera a little late in that they're almost all gone – but they were definitely worthy of a mention. Yum! 

Jo'Burger isn't a gourmet burger experience of the kind offered at the likes of London's Bar Boulud. Nor are the burgers of the American fast food tradition. They are, however, hearty and made with a lot of love and served up in a friendly joint I could happily sit in all day long (DJs spin chilled tunes until 2am almost every night). If you're in Dublin's fair city and craving a burger, Jo'Burger is well worth a look.


137 Rathmines Road
Dublin 6

Tel: +353 (0) 1 4913731