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Le Club des 5 Cheeseburger au Cheddar (Paris)


€12,50 Served on a wooden board with a heap of perfectly crisp fries this burger is well worth sampling if you find yourself in the vicinity

I was in Paris for a few days so made a point of seeking out a burger or two. Simon over at Burger Anarchy used to live in the 17th arrondissement so was able to point me in the direction of a great spot just round the corner from my hotel at the foot of Montmartre, and that's where I began my Parisian adventures...

Le Club des 5 is a pretty cool spot right in the heart of the village Batignolles that has the motto "Les aventuriers du goût" meaning "taste adventurers". I like. The wooden tables and red chairs occupy a smart interior which is injected with a fun vibe by shelves groaning with toys and childhood books - and a wall collage made up from images from kids comic books. 

The Cheeseburger au Cheddar (€12,50) comes with frites maison and is served as above on a wooden board with slices of pickle on the side. I was asked if I wanted the burger well done and said "non, monsieur, 'medium' s'il vous plait". I took the lid off to find that the cheese had been grilled on the top part of the sesame seeded bun with a squirt of mustard. Unusual but not a problem as such. Under the patty there was some lettuce and some very thin-cut tomato and red onion. I added the two slices of pickle, popped the cheesy bun top back on and tucked in. 

There's no doubt that this was a tasty burger - it had a slight gamey-ness that made me assume that the beef was nicely aged. However, while eating it I wished I'd mentioned 'rare' when asked how I'd liked it to be cooked. It wasn't particularly juicy which made me wonder if the lean to fat ratio leaned a little too favourably towards lean. Had it been rarer, more juicy, I know I would have enjoyed it a little more.

That said, I did really enjoyed the burger and the time I spent in Le Club des 5. The fries were also excellent (a credit to the French) and the staff were super friendly. As we left, we were given a loyalty card with two stamps in it. A really nice touch. Next time in Paris, I'll be going back for more, for sure - and will try asking for a rarer burger next time. I look forward to one day finding out what happens when I've got a full compliment of stamps on my carte fidélité! A free burger, perhaps? 


Le Club des 5
57 rue des Batignolles
75017 Paris

Tel: +33 (0)1 53 04 94 73