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Lucky Seven Diner Cheeseburger


At £6.95, not only is this great value for a tasty burger, but you get to eat it in arguably the most authentic American diner in London.

The enigmatic Cheeseblogger recently put Lucky Seven Diner's Cheeseburger through its paces. Read on, dear reader, read on...

Hello burger fans! This is Cheeseblogger, the burger reviewer shrouded in both mystery – and cheeeese..

As this is my first review for Burgerac, I feel it's important that I make it clear that I'll be approaching the weighty responsibility of burger reviewing in a slightly different tone, format and length to the wonderfully wordy and eloquent Mr Burgerac himself. There is simply no point in challenging the might of his prose, so I will be going about things in my own cheesy way. Think of me as the Alan Davies to his Stephen Fry.

Lucky Seven - "The most authentic American diner in London"

Lucky Seven is and has been one of my favourite places to eat in London for quite a while now. How coincidental that this happens to be a burger joint of the highest calibre and just five minutes walk from my flat. What better place to start my burger-reviewing adventure?!

The first thing that hits you as you walk in is how they've absolutely nailed the American diner experience. And I mean nailed it. Apart from the very nice art on the walls (original work by Banksy, Obey art by Shephard Fairey etc) this is as close to an American burger joint that i've ever experienced in London and I challenge anyone to come forth with a more authentic example. Please, I'd love to know if there's one out there – and don't say The Diner - it doesn't even come close. I think you will have already guessed, I'm a fan of Lucky Seven...

Now for me, it's not just about the burgers. It's the buttermilk blueberry pancakes (served till 5pm), the Exterminator Chile, the $5 Shakes, the bowls of Cap'n Crunch cereals, the coke floats, and the Twinkie bars that you can buy here that make this place so great. But, as this is a burger blog, I will skip ahead to the main event and, simultaneously, also reveal an insight into the 25 point Burgerac burger-scoring system:

1. Presentation – Inclusive of all the essentials, this isn't a burger that's going to wow you with anything you haven't seen before, but it hits the spot. Also the french fries in here are pretty much everything you could ever want from a fry - they're absolutely essential for maximum enjoyment.

2. Structure - Not too big, not too small, this burger is the perfect size for me. Easy to hold (none of that cutting in half nonsense) and it maintains this status to the final bite.

3. Components - The Lucky Seven Cheeseburger has very good ingredients, although as mentioned, this is simple stuff but they've got it right. Nice big onion rings (not too many), a perfect-sized slice of lettuce, a big juicy slice of tomato, 4 well-placed gherkins, not too much cheese, some damn fine relish... Yep, this is some good burger action. Oh, and it comes with homemade slaw on the side – as standard...

4. Flavour - Well, this is interesting as although I am a very big fan of the place and the vibe, for me the Lucky Seven cheeseburger lacks that little something that makes it really stand out in the taste department. It's not that it's not a very good burger - it is - it's just not really as amazing as the standard they've set in other areas of this special diner. It could be to do with the beef they use or the seasoning or maybe it's missing an extra ingredient – I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it doesn't hit the top marks for me. Would I and do I go back often? Hell yes. Do I think this is the best burger in London? Close, but not quite the best - my quest will go on.

I also must add that as Mr Cheeseblogger, I naturally went for the cheeseburger, but they do have a range of alternative burger options with more ingredients including the Kalifornian (Bacon, Cheese, Guac, Roasted Tomatoes & Sour Cream).

5. The whole experience - Do I even have to say? Lucky Seven is genuinely up there as one of the great places to eat burgers in London. The only reason anyone would ever question this is because they have either tried to get in at a peak time and couldn't get a seat (you can't pre book) or they've already worn the place out - and we all know why people wear things out don't we… Because they can't get enough in the first place.

Burgerac star system:

1. Presentation - 5/5 - unflashy, but spot on.
2. Structure - 5/5 - not too big, not too small.
3. Components - 4/5 - hard to fault.
4. Flavour - 3/5 - well balanced, but not amazing - didn't leave a lasting impression.
5. The whole experience - 5/5 - you'll have to travel a long way to get a diner experience like this.

Total - 22/25 = 4 STARS (only 25/25 will yield a full five stars)


Lucky Seven Diner
127 Westbourne Park Road
W2 5QL

Call for opening times: 020 7727 6771