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Mother Flipper Cheese Burger


£5. Is Mother Flipper serving up London's best value burgers? It's hard to think of another burger that's as big, as tasty, and cheaper

If you've (wisely) made yourself familiar with m'iPhone app, Burgerapp!, then you'll already know that I've added Mother Flipper to my selection of ace London burger joints to check out. I sampled a MF burger a couple of weeks ago but I've only just made the time to post about it here on the blog...

Mother Flipper plies its wares twice weekly. On Saturday lunchtimes the MF stall can be found at Brockley Market, and on Tuesdays they bring their operation up to the Eat.St plot on King's Boulevard just North of Kings Cross station. That's where I found them a couple of weeks ago, with my buddy Pete who joined me for a spot of lunchtime burger adventuring.

There are three burgers on the lovingly hand-drawn MF menu - the Mother Flipper Cheese Burger (£5), The Chilli Flipper (£5.50) and the Double Candy Bacon Flipper (£6). They also sell ice cold bottles of Coke but no sides, although Manuel, captain of the good ship Mother Flipper, tells me that fries and wings will soon be added to their repertoire. Good to know!

But what burger to try? Well, seeing as it was my first time I thought I best check out the most basic burger on the Mother Flipper menu, so plumped for the MF Cheese Burger.

All MF beef burgers are made from 100% 28 day aged chuck and rib cap "with a good fat content" Manuel tells me. When you see the burgers being placed on the grill you can see how said "good fat content" - combined with a very course grind - gives them an impressively marbled appearance. Just looking at the Mother Flipper team at work is making me excited about eating!

In terms of the Cheese Burger's construction, it's simple and classic. The bottom part of the bun, once lightly toasted, gets a nice lattice work of ketchup and French's Yellow Mustard on top of which is placed a liberal pile of shredded lettuce, thin cut white onion and thick cut pickles - all while the patty is a-fryin'. The burgers are seasoned on the grill and flipped just once ("to allow a crust to form - standard," says Manuel) and then seasoned again before the American cheese is slapped on, followed by the top part of the bun. Then the burgers are covered by a cloche ensuring the bun gets all steamy and shiny the cheese perfectly melts onto the patty. Finally, the top part of the burger is transferred to the awaiting bottom section, it's wrapped up nicely and handed over to its eager recipient, only to be unwrapped almost immediately!

I gotta tell you - this is a must-try burger. It's really good. The bun is soft and squishy but holds up well despite a really juicy burger. The patty is super. Course ground and the very opposite of compressed; each mouthful practically falls into your mouth. The shredded lettuce provides a nice crunch and the thin cut onion cuts through the beefiness of the course ground patty without overpowering the ensemble. Beautiful! 

On the basis of this one burger, I can tell you that I love what Mother Flipper is doing, and how they're doing it. I can hardly wait to get back to try another burger (already in the diary for next Tuesday lunch). Its burgers are stripped down to the very essence of what they should be: Really great beef patties, served with a minimum of fuss but with maximum love. And for me, personally, that's the perfect recipe for burger greatness. 


On Tuesdays between 11am and 2:30pm you can find the Mother Flipper mothership at

King's Boulevard
King's Cross
London N1

And on Saturdays between 10am and 2pm you can find 'em at

Lewisham College Car Park
Lewisham Way
London SE4 1UT

PS If you've got an iPhone, the easiest way to locate Mother Flipper is to fire up Burgerapp!