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Roebling Tea Room (NYC) Cheeseburger

Colonel Mustard

Whether an off night or a new look for its classic burger, Roebling's infamous patty didn't add up at $15 for a hunk of mostly raw beef

On a rainy night in Brooklyn, I recently weathered the storm with a few friends to settle in at the super quaint Roebling Tea Room in Williamsburg, hoping for an awesome burger experience...

Definitely not my first visit – nor was it my first stab at their ultra-thick cheeseburger. Experience told me I needed to order this one cooked medium in order to get what I hoped would be a nicely seared burger with a slightly pink interior.

Stoked to know that this time I was going to do a sweet little review of this renowned burger, I began snapping away with my camera. When I finally cut it down the middle for shot of the action, it came as quite a shocker to find my beloved burger was actually doubling as steak tartar (also a menu option).

Completely raw on the inside, I grabbed the closest waiter and asked to throw it back on the grill. Ten minutes later my burger appeared as one whole patty – which was obviously an entirely new situation – and also not enough time to get this new burger any more thoroughly cooked than the previous one.

The kitchen's second effort also arrived smothered in the Roebling Tea Room's "special sauce" (mayonnaise and chopped onions if I had to guess), which I had initially told the waitress, specifically, I didn't want on my burger. The thought of mayonnaise AND raw beef was too much for me and, to put it simply, I had think of kittens and rainbows as I chewed the only bite of burger I actually managed that night.

As you can imagine, I told the waitress my dilemma, and she duly removed the cheeseburger from both the table and the bill. The Roebling staff seemed super down to rectify the bloodbath that went down on my plate, offering all sorts of options. In the end, my dinner consisted of fries and some free chocolate cake. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday night, but certainly not what I had been hoping for.

I've had the Roebling Tea Room Cheeseburger before and previous experiences certainly weren't like this one – but buyers beware: the proof is in the picture above. That burger was definitely not something you really want to eat, unless you just love chewing on cold raw minced beef. On top of the two burgers I received, my dinner date also got a pretty raw deal (literally) but ate around the edges. The ambiance at Roebling Tea Room is worth repeat visits, but I can no longer recommend the burger. Instead, check out their other insanely chatted about (and truly delicious) menu item: the macaroni and cheese.


Roebling Tea Room
143 Roebling Street
NY 11211

+1 718 963-0760