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Shake Shack Cheeseburger (NYC)

Colonel Mustard

Treat yourself to a moment in the New York sunshine with a juicy burger in the park for around $5. Good times, courtesy of Shake Shack! 

No matter the time of day, if skies are sunny over New York you will find a solid line of hungry burger fans wrapped around Shake Shack's Madison Square Park location. The hour-long wait is almost the key ingredient to the burger – which is thankfully worth every minute lost waiting on it. You can't help but wonder if the suspense and hunger-building exercise doesn't actually enhance the overall taste experience. In the end, a Shack burger isn't just a meal, it's also a small accomplishment...

This NYC burger purveyor offers several styles of burger, all with or without cheese, served plain (lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion is all available on request) and wrapped in a wax paper pocket to lock in the goodness (and catch any spillage). There's the classic single patty for the fainthearted, a double burger and then a Shack Burger, which comes with more fixins (namely American cheese, lettuce and tomato) and is smothered with ShackSauce (Russian dressing). Even vegetarians can join in the fun with a deep-fried portabello Shroom Burger. For those with a serious hunger though, try the Shack Stack — a Cheeseburger and Shroom Burger combo topped off with ShackSauce, which comes in at a totally reasonable $8.50.

In case you're wondering, I had the classic single cheeseburger ($4.25), as usual. But I have sampled all of them at some point and they all rule! If you wanted to add something, the double cheeseburger is nice because it doesn't feel too heavy, and if you're not really a fries fan it's a good way to go. Or you could opt for a double Shack Burger, though really that's more just about adding toppings and sauce to a double cheeseburger.

All of the burgers at Shake Shack really hit the spot, a statement made after several years of dilligent taste testing. The meat is consistently juicy, the buns are toasted and lightly buttered, and together it all just melts in your mouth. Washed down with some cheesy fries and one of their delicious frozen custards, called Concretes, or shakes and you've got yourself a serious Shack attack!

For anyone determined to cheat the queue system, Shake Shack's uptown locations are less of a frenzy than Madison Square Park or City Field (the Mets baseball stadium). They also offer a "Shack Cam" desktop widget and call ahead service ― but you better dial while you're having breakfast... It gets busy!


Shake Shack
Southeast corner of Madison Square Park
near Madison Avenue and East 23rd Street

Opening hours: 11am - 11pm

Visit the Shake Shack website to find other locations and more info:

POSTSCRIPT: Writing for Time Magazine back in March 2010, writer Josh Ozersky suggested that Shake Shack might soon open a branch in London. With no sign of any such opening, I wrote to Shake Shack to see what the word is. I got this reply:

"Many thanks for reaching out. We feel extremely fortunate for the great interest in Shake Shack. As you may be aware, we have openly expressed our intention to bring Shake Shack to compelling sites in great neighborhoods. As such, rumors often circulate about potential openings. We have decided not to comment on any of these rumors until we have something concrete to share. At this time we are focusing our efforts on the operations of our existing Shacks, as well as two new Shacks slated to open in Brooklyn, NY (2011) and Philadelphia (2012)."

Guess us London Shake Shack fans will just have to dream on!