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Street Kitchen Shoreditch Buffalo Bill


£7.50 If you like Patty & Bun's Ari Gold burger, then you'll love Street Kitchen's Buffalo Bill. Why? Because they're basically the same burger!

If you read my Patty & Bun post in January, you'll know the story of P&B's Joe Grossman and his vital, burger-concocting relationship with Mark Jankel of Street Kitchen: they colluded to enthuse, devise and develop P&B's raved-about menu. While much fuss has been made of Patty & Bun since it opened its doors late last year (and rightly so), Street Kitchen has much more quietly gone about serving equally delicious burgers and wings to a less fad-conscious audience in the city...

SK has actually been serving delightful lunchtime food from a shiny airstream near Liverpool Street Station for well over a year now - with Friday being the only day they served burgers.

However, in March they opened a second airstream on Shoreditch High Street bang opposite Pizza East in the covered car park location that was formerly Hackney House. And the really awesome news is that this particular Street Kitchen outlet ONLY SERVES BURGERS (and wings, and fries and beer) WHOOP! 

P&B fans among you might notice that the description of SK's Buffalo Bill is pretty much identical to P&B's Ari Gold. And, if you know your onions you'll know that the similarity is because SK and P&B developed their burgers together in a beautiful collaborative effort to create the tastiest damn burgers they possibly could. I ordered one, but of course, to see how it compares to the much raved about P&B version...

Open up the logo-stamped burger carton (reminiscent of P&B's early pop-up burger cartons) and there it is - a juicy-as-hell, perfectly cooked Buffalo Bill burger. 

Basically, the only discernible difference between the Buffalo Bill and a P&B Ari Gold is a complete lack of queueing hipsters. Yes, mine had a couple of ill-fitting lettuce leaves but it was otherwise burger-prefection, comprising a loose-packed perfectly cooked, aged beef patty, a mustardy mayo, delightfully sweet vinagery pickled onions and melted cheddar, all housed in the same super-soft brioche bun that P&B use. Total. Burger. JOY!

Oh, and Mark Jankel of Street Kitchen not only worked with Joe of P&B to develop some of London's most delicious burgers, but he also developed the GENIUS idea of confit smoked chicken wings – and SK's take is no less delightful than those served at P&B although I thought the reduced sticky sauce that perfectly coats them to have a more pronounced tamarind flavour. After the below photo was taken they existed for about 20 more seconds. Then I spent five minutes licking my fingers and muttering "hot damn".

I'm such a big fan of Street Kitchen and of their mission to serve up cleverly conceived dishes made with locally sourced fresh ingredients. And I also love the idea that two people meeting and enthusing about food (Mark and P&B's Joe) has led to the co-creation of super-delicious burger (and wings) recipes. Are these the best burgers in Shoreditch at the mo? Probably.


Street Kitchen
187 Shoreditch High Street
London E1 6HU