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The Bedford (NYC) Pasture Raised Burger

Colonel Mustard

$15 with fries. The reviews have raved about this Williamsburg resto, so hopes were high for its burger. But it failed to deliver. Big time.

Williamsburg's farm-to-table restaurant The Bedford has received rave reviews for its burger (and just about everything else) since opening in the summer of 2010. The brainchild of former Craft sous-chef Blake Joyal, The Bedford's pasture-raised burger comes smothered in melted Gorgonzola and topped with bacon and grilled red onions, served up with a stack of crispy fries...

Arriving with lettuce and a fresh pickle, and resting on a toasted, buttered bun, I had high hopes for this burger. I had decided to order it medium rare after a quick discussion with the waitress, so when I cut into it I was delighted to see a pink center – as promised. Unfortunately, when I bit into it, it felt like a real case of bait-and-switch...

While it met a decent height-to-mouth size ratio for me, I just didn't dig the overall taste and texture of this one. This burger was so dry somehow (too much salt? not enough fat?) that by the second half I actually removed the meat and ate it as a BLT instead. That actually tasted great, since the bacon was perfectly crisp and the Gorgonzola was really rich. It's almost as if the chef knew his burger needed life, adding such intensely flavored toppings. If I were to ever return to The Bedford, I would be tempted to order the burger, minus the beef. Thanks to this though, I probably won't be back anytime soon.

Additionally, on my visit the burger came with a forgetful waitress as well as the $15 price tag. Never a good look.


The Bedford
110 Bedford Ave.
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

+1 718 302 1002
Open daily: 8am-4am
Cash only