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Da Birdhouse burger, The Bird Express (Berlin)


€12.50 for this loaded bun of awesomeness in Berlin's The Bird Express burger joint and smokehouse. Money very well spent.

After many years of taking down epic eats, mainly, but not exclusively, of the variety housed betwixt two buns – it came as something of a surprise to find myself having a practically epiphanal burger experience in a laid back burger joint in Berlin's upmarket shopping district, Mitte...

I know. Big statement. But therein lies the primal power of the ingredient combo that makes up The Bird Express's Da Birdhouse burger. Two thick beef patties (each perfectly pink in the centre as per my request), thin cut streaky bacon, fried onions, American cheese, ketchup, mustard and really fucking good (and by really fucking good I mean super sour and salty) homemade pickles – served in an unusual but rather splendid super soft and light muffin-like bun and accompanied by a mound of fries. Wallop! It won't win any prizes for innovation, but wow it hit the nail of proverb squarely on the bonce with impressive aplomb. If someone tells me there's a better place to get a burger in Berlin right now, naturally I'll be intrigued. But, I won't actually believe them. 

The Bird Express (sister restaurant of The Bird in Prenzlauerberg)
Kleine Präsidentenstr. 3
10178 Berlin