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The Commodore (NYC) Cheeseburger

Colonel Mustard

$7 with cheese. Add $4 for a huge plate of crispy fries. A succulent burger from Brooklyn's easiest, breeziest, down-home Southern joint

Like a vacation for your mouth, The Commodore's juicy burger arrives with an appropriately festive miniature umbrella on top of its buttery bun...

The beef patty is a similar size and consistency to NYC's beloved Shake Shack burger (more on that sure to come), and while delivered sans fries, it is topped with shredded lettuce, a slice of ripe fresh tomato and American cheese all for $7, with bacon optional ($2 extra). The cheeseburger fits perfectly in your hands, and is just squishy enough to let a little greasy blood drip down your wrist as you begin to devour all its superbly seasoned, salty goodness. Mmm...

The Commodore itself is a no frills locale located on an even more unassuming street corner. Burgers and other enticing menu items (like their infamous fried chicken) are ordered at the bar, the menu of tropical drinks is listed on one of those cheesy paper placemats, and the seat-yourself tables are mostly surrounded by lawn chairs. This down-home ambiance can often feel forced in NYC, but The Commodore gets the effortlessly chill Southern vibe just right, making it the perfect spot to relax with a burger and beer after a hard day's work.


The Commodore
366 Metropolitan Avenue
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

+1 718 218 7632