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The Love Shake Cheeseburger


This isn’t going to compete with the Bar Bouluds of this world on the gourmet end of the scales, but at £4 this is a cheap and cheerful option.
Guess who's back burger-maniacs? Yes, that’s right, it’s me, Cheeseblogger! After a short absence due to a minor overdose of the yellow stuff, I’m back – leaner than ever, though still shrouded in both mystery and cheeeese – to offer you more insight into London’s burger scene...

The Love Shake – “Nothing but burgers and milkshakes – I like!”

Having noticed this new joint pop up fairly recently near the corner of Kingsland Road and Old Street, fellow burger detective Mayor McCheese and I decided to go and investigate. Upon walking through the door of The Love Shake, the first thing that hit us is that this joint could easily be in Brooklyn. It’s got the lo-fi, hipster vibe down to a tee – but without any fronty attitude, which is always a bonus.

In fact, the dudes running the place are super nice and you can tell they’ve put the effort into making the place feel warm and inviting – plus with Americana and neon lights adorning all the wall space it gives it a real air of authenticity.
The second feature that piques our interest is the streamlined nature of The Love Shake's menu. Admittedly they do have a breakfast menu that widens it out slightly, but we were having dinner and our options were limited to just three types of burger: a beef burger (comes with cheese with no extra cost), a chicken burger, and a veggie option of halloumi. When I say streamlined, I mean that beyond these three burger options, there was nothing else to eat, not even fries on the menu.

However, The Love Shake is primarily a place to sit and have a drink and maybe take advantage of their free Wi-Fi. And, being that drinks is their main business, the place offers a great dinner deal of a burger plus a milkshake for the paltry sum of £6 – an offer we couldn't ignore, quickly purchasing both a butterscotch shake and a Baileys shake to accompany our burgers. But, I hear you ask, how good were the burgers, Cheeseblogger? Patience, burger-lovers, patience...

1. Presentation – The presentation is fairly simple and compared to other wonderful burgers reviewed on this site, it doesn’t really compete. But, it’s not bad and I can imagine that before burger making became an art form, this is probably what you’d be served at a diner in the US of A back in the day.

2. Structure – Good structure here, if a little thin in the hand. Due to the price of the burger, this is your standard bap – but it works.

3. Components – This is basically a cheap, fast food burger. It isn't, nor does it claim to be, gourmet or organic, but it does include all the necessaries to keep it in the competition. Equipped with shredded iceberg lettuce, gherkins, a juicy wedge of tomato and a slice of American cheese, this covers all the essentials.

4. Taste – Unfortunately, as much as I wanted it to be better, the burger was a bit overdone and for that reason it brought down the eating experience slightly. Not sure if mine was a one-off or if this is the way they always come, but it could have done with a minute or two less on the grill. A special mention must be made of the accompanying milkshake though – a real treat and if this was a milkshake blog it would score very highly.

5. The whole experience – Really enjoyable. Sure, the burger was a bit overdone and it’s not a gourmet food experience, but this is cheap, cool and a great option for a quick bite in Shoreditch. It also has free Internet access and computers to use, they sell alcohol, AND it's open till 2am on the weekend. With a great selection of funk, jazz and soul blasting out the stereo, The Love Shake has got a good vibe that isn’t that easy to find in London.

1. 2/5 – nothing special but not necessarily bad
2. 3/5 – it’s a standard burger bap – but it works
3. 3/5 – covers all the essentials
4. 2/5 – unfortunately it was overdone
5. 5/5 – a winner, yes it’s cheap and it’s not going to win any gastro medals, but compared to the other local options in a similar price bracket this is miles ahead

Total = 15/25 (3 STARS)


The Love Shake
5 Kingsland Road
E2 8AA

Open 18:30-late

Dear readers, you may have noticed that the quality of image has been a little under par in this post. Apologies. You'll be happy to know that since his visit to The Love Shake, Cheeseblogger has invested in a new photographic device, complete with flash – to ensure subsequent posts will have much clearer food photos!