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The Burgermat Show

The Burgermat Show is what happened when I asked 24 artists to each create an original burger-themed artwork so I could showcase the work in the form of paper placemats at a BurgerMonday pop-up event in London in June 2011. The show also popped up for one night only in Dublin and in Cape Town, and a book of pull-out placemats commemorating the project was published by Nobrow in 2013. 

750 3.jpg
Burgermat Show cover by Lydia Whitmore 1000.jpg

The events

The Burgermat Show was originally a collaboration with Daniel Young of Young & Foodish. We conspired to bring art to the tables (literally) of a special BurgerMonday event on the 27th and 28th June 2011. The event saw chef Fred Smith (then of The Admiral Codrington pub but now head of food at Byron) cook up a mind-blowingly delicious bacon cheeseburger which was served to ticket-buying guests on paper placemats featuring original artworks by no less than 24 contributing artists.

Since the original London event, The Burgermat Show has popped up in burger joints in Dublin and Cape Town. In fact, the Royale Eatery in Cape Town still has a "Burgerac" burger on its menu - which was cooked up initially for the one-night event.

The book

Published by Nobrow in 2013, The Burgermat Show is a 50 page paper placemat pad complete with burger recipes. The book includes all 24 Burgermat artworks (all 24 designs are repeated) as tear-out paper placemats which each features one of four killer burger recipes varying in difficulty from my Super Easy Cheesy, Byron's signature Byron Burger, Opera Tavern's mini Iberico Pork and Foie Gras burgers, to Fred Smith's attempt-it-if-you-dare Double Cheese Stack – all of which were shot specially for the book by London-based photographer Thomas Bowles.

The artworks